Neutral Sentiment Topics

                            Topics                 Words Related to Topic                     Example Tweet
                  (#1) Zika Mystery  Brazil, common, unravel, questions, important, disease, issue  #voanews brazil scientists seek to unravel mystery of zika twins scientists struggling to unravel t… #somalia
                  (#2) Aedes Mosquitoes  Mosquito, infection, pregnancy, outbreak, women, children,infection  the zika virus and the dengue mosquito have a common nature. very resistant ones, and very dangerous too. infects mothers with pregnancy!
                 (#3) Mosquito Symptoms  Symptoms, today, health, borne, mosquito, effects  zika is a mosquito borne illness that does not present symptoms in many people. that is a very dangerous thing.
                 (#4) Abortion  Abortion, learn, worse, survive, guidelines, papers  zika virus, birth control and abortion our anti-woman laws will make this worse.
                 (#5) Fight the Bite  Infected, fight, bites, affect, death  only 1 in 4 pple infected w/ #zika will show symptoms.fight the bite, destroy mosquito breeding sites #nobitenozika
                (#6) Officials’ Warning  Officials, control, disease, centers, researchers  health officials warn against exposure to zika at work the centers for disease control and prevention #atlanta #g
                (#7) Zika Knowledge Gaps  People, experts, related, ebola, cure  various ‘experts’ need to get up to speed on the zika+ front now. time is of an essence. many people are ‘behind the curve’.
                (#8) Zika Symptoms Fever, scarier, infections, eyes, first  zika symptoms- fever, rash, joint pain, and/or red eyes. most people infected typically don’t have symptoms though. #taysci1 #kytnsci
                (#9) Dengue  Dengue, flu, rash, compare, cause, malaria,  dengue & zika have a rash, fever etc. 4 dengue strains increasing in ja. docs need to be careful. #testedorsuspected
               (#10) Fetal Brain Damage  fetuses, information, prevent, symptom, damages, fetal  “why fetal tissue research is crucial to saving babies from zika new study uncovers ‘alarming’ informatio…”