Positive Sentiment Topics


                             Topics                   Words related to Topic                       Related Example Tweet
           (#1) Mouse Model   Researchers, mouse, models, developing, health, research  new #zika mouse model researchers develop another mouse model of zika infection that mimics the disease in humans.
          (#2) 3d-printed Mini Brains  Scientists, testing, brain, mystery, helping  mini 3d printed brains help scientists understand zika virus
          (#3) Fetal Model  Fetus, human, discovered, help  how zika virus stunts foetal brain development researchers have discovered how hijacking a human immune mole…
          (#4) Brazilian Billboards  rapid, billboard, emitting, Brazilian, structured  sweat-emitting brazilian billboards lure zika-carrying mosquitoes to their death | mnn – mother nature network
           (#5) Developing Vaccines  Models, infects, vaccine, provide, develop  mouse models of zika virus infection in pregnancy provide basis to develop vaccines, treatments
           (#6) Zika Tests  Urine, discover, patterns, Jamaica, programmable, molecular  #salingfollow interim cdc guidance finds urine specimen better than serum for rapid and specific zika testing – cdc
           (#7) Fetal Tissue Research  Fetal, tissues, infection, detection, equipped, tests  last month, fetal tissue research helped doctors’ understand how the zika virus infects fetus & how to detect its presence much
           (#8) IBM  Magic Bullet  Killing, development, understand  ibmresearch ibm announces magic bullet to zap all kinds of killer viruses, like #zika by seancaptain,www.davidbyc
           (#9) Zika Accumulation  Reveal, accumulates, zika virus, examine, pregnancy, report  one of the first mouse models of #zika reveals the virus accumulates in the brain
           (#10) Killing Mosquitoes  Mosquitoes, infected, kills, insight, biomolecular  researchers develop #algae to kill #mosquitoes carrying viruses like #zika